Brian Blomquist

Married to Trish for 21 years.
Four children: Abby, Bo, Nate and Charley.
Middle-school English teacher in fifth year at Saint Ann’s Academy. Fully certified to teach in DC since 2005. Masters degree in education from American University. Masters degree in journalism from Boston University. Taught three years in DC public schools before coming to Saint Ann’s. Served as vice principal at Saint Ann’s for four years.
Became teacher in 2003, leaving 17-year career as newspaper reporter. Wrote sports for the Washington Post in the 1980s. Covered crime, city services and city politics in the mid-1990s during the Barry administration for the Washington Times. Worked for several papers in North Carolina and Maryland, covering Congress and the Maryland State House. Covered the FBI, the Justice Department, the CIA, and the White House for seven years at the New York Post (also deputy Washington bureau chief). Coached youth football for 11 years at DC Police Boys Club No. 8, Maplewood, and Blessed Sacrament.